Hammered Wire Choker

Chokers have come back with a vengeance and I’m so glad it did. They have this charm about them that accentuates your neck in the most beautiful way. I have recently added Hammered Wire Chokers to my collection, and they are just so chic and dainty in every way! I have made them in three different metal finishes – giving you plenty to choose from. Each choker is handmade and hammered, giving texture that allows the light to catch each crevice. The necklaces are finished off with a thiner wire, giving it the perfect personal touch. The chokers are adjustable and can be worn tight or loose. Wearing it tight accentuates your neck and wearing it loose accentuates your collar bone – something everyone loves! Have fun exploring our Etsy shop and one of a kind work of art!

choker - coffee mug.JPGEC_Hammerd-Choker_6.jpgEC_Hammerd-Choker-_1.jpgIMG_7963.JPG


“As Seen in Times Square…”

So much has been moving forward with my jewelry business that it leaves me practically speechless. I have so much to say and so much to do, but there’s really only one thing that I want to say to encourage someone at this very moment. Follow your dreams and never let go of the vision that lives inside of you. Never let it go so far that you can barely remember what your dream was. The further you push and stay focused, the clearer your vision becomes – and for me, it became very real this week. I was given an amazing opportunity to have one of my ads run in no other place than the center of the world – TIMES SQUARE! Someone pinch me please! I thank God for never letting me give up. The New Year is right around the corner, and a new thing is already being done in me as the owner, designer and visionary of Eclectique Collection. Get ready for more, because a new thing has been birthed in me that is clearer and right within my reach! Check out @EclectiqueCollection on Instagram to see the live video!



Teen Arts – Teaching from the Heart

I had the great pleasure and honor of teaching a “Stop-And-Go Station” for Teen Arts at Sussex County Community College for my second year in a row. Last year was my very first year ever and it blew me away on just how many students were so intrigued and excited to see how you could make jewelry out of wire. I did have an actual anvil with me so that helped let them hear me before they saw my table –  this also brought guys to my table which I was happy to see – we all really enjoyed the whole process.  Last year I taught them how to make rings, cuff bracelets and stud earrings, but I found that the winner was making cuff bracelets from hammering wire.

As I prepped for this second year, I wanted to be very intentional about the day because it was quite hectic last year and I knew it was going to be again – but at least I could plan for it as much as I could! I knew what material I was going to use, but I had to make sure I had enough as well as making sure I had another anvil option. I decided to teach them how to make cuff bracelets out of wire as well as wrapping a thinner gauged wire to the ends of it, and some even had the option of adding a bead. This way they could really see the endless possibilities of what you can make out of it and how you can use it. Showing them how to use the anvil and create textures with the hammer really blew their minds! The whole day was a success and my table was packed more than I imagined!

What I really enjoyed from the day was seeing how patient they were to wait for the spots at table to free up, as well as for me to try to get to every student – each round was about 10-15 students deep! Some got a little anxious and curious and started making some things on their own – I really loved that because this meant that they weren’t afraid to try!

Enjoy a few pictures of what the High School students and even some 8th graders made on their own (with my help of course)! Didn’t they do a great job!?


Cyber Monday Thanks!

Eclectique Collection is embracing Cyber Monday today in honor of getting ready for Holiday Sales! Thanksgiving came and went and so many people ranted and raved and caved in for those deals! I honestly just wanted to be with my family and loved ones – we of course eventually took advantage of some Black Friday sales. But I didn’t want to get too caught up. I wanted to embrace being thankful for my family and time off, and not material things. What I ended up buying were winter things that my son really needed and nothing even for myself, and that made me happy! My boyfriend did buy me something so that was a nice surprise! 

Bottom line, we spent our time together and going with the wind for the long weekend and didn’t devote our time to sales. 

But NOW that we are back at work and don’t have to deal with lines, please enjoy our Cyber Monday sales! You won’t want to miss such great deals with Eclecitque Collection! 


Instagram Giveaway!

 Follow @eclectiquecollection on Instagram and have a chance at winning one of these amazing rings! 

Today is the LAST DAY to participate in the #giveaway!! While you are sleeping from all that turkey tomorrow, I will be grabbing names out of a hat!

5 Winners will be revealed on Thanksgiving Day! 

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Now Go! Your time is almost up!!!

Keep Calm and Create

Keep Calm and Name It

Let’s face it, we live in a society where people LOVE to say what they want to say, without actually saying it, but showing it. Eclectique Collection has been working on a few different ways to really personalize our Wire Wrapped Name Plates. Whether you want it in silver, copper or gold, or spruce it up with some color – it can be created!  While I was thinking about all of this, and what I wanted to say, a friend of mine brought of the “Keep Calm” Phrases, and I have to say, I did’t want to do it right away. Then I thought to myself, well, I can make it say what I want it to say! The first thing that came in mind was what keeps me calm, and that is in fact, to create. That leads us to the final product:


PHOTO CREDIT: Gio Betancourt

I also decided to make a name plate for my company name, Eclectique Collection. I just love the challenge to see what my fingers can create out of wire.

Keep Calm and Create IMG_4938

What would you love your name plate to say? Just name it and I’ll make it!


The Best Collection

Running a small business is no easy task – it is especially hard when you are the only one doing, well… just about everything. I have been believing for a team for quite some time and have never given up on this dream that God has put on my heart and blessed my hands to do – but I have always known that this company will work best with a collection of great artists. I am happy to say that Eclectique Collection has been blessed with just that! Collective Eclectiques is a compilation of different artists and friends who all have a great love for art and people. We even had to the opportunity to work with a fierce fashion designer, Christine Manthey, who’s work is pristine, modern, clean and just beautiful!CollectiveEclectiques

Chantale Escobar – Jewelry Designer/Model; Gio Betancourt – Photographer; Danielle Escobar – Model; Angeline Jasmin – Makeup Artist; Sheena Lynelle Lanham: Style Assistant

We recently put together one of the best days of our lives – a Photo Shoot to kick start a momentum. Much photo editing still needs to be done, and much Etsy uploading needs to be done as well – but it is all coming together. I encourage you to keep moving – keep pushing – keep dreaming!

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Watch out for a slew of new items uploaded to my Etsy Shop – in the meantime enjoy most recent updates through Instagram. Follow @eclectiquecollection, @nativenyc @iellesmiles, @angelinejasmin, @purplefarenheit!