When Going the Extra Mile Pays Off


customer serviceSo far this week has been a beautiful one filled with sweet surprises. One of them happened while I was out shooting with our intern and our main model – I received an email with the subject line, “Customer Service”. The name whom it was from sounded familiar but I knew it wasn’t a personal friend. I opened it anyways and realized it was a customer that I sent her a our Say Cheese Camera Necklace last week. Her words read, ” Hello Chantale… Obviously I was floored by your customer service.” Then she posted a link to her blog and thanked me for my beautiful work. It caught me so off guard. We always send a little note to each of our customers, as it is a goal of ours to not just bless them with a thing but a message as well.

I feel like so many messages in today’s world convey just about getting things, and that the more you have, the better you feel and are. We all know that this is quite the contrary, so most of our notes read,

Let your inner beauty shine, in all you do”.

We truly believe that this should be practiced everyday, or else we end up losing sight of who we really are and just see what is on the outside. Let’s all continue to encourage each other with life and not just things – no matter what business we run or are in. 

It was also nice to see how she shared on her Photography Blog just how she found this necklace in the first place. She explained that she typed in “dainty necklace” in a Google Search and boom… there Say Cheese was! I’m always curious just how people can find my shop and this time I knew exactly how.

Name Art

Name Art

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in an event called Dear Love. A good friend of mine published her very own book called Dear Love, which encompassed love letters to yourself. It was so beautiful to see it all come together with Love being at the center. I created a lot of “dear love” necklaces, as well as many more name art items. We all know that words are powerful, but the reaction to the wire wrapped name art is a true testament to that! Here are some pics from the event. Visit my Etsy shop to grab your own personalized jewelry.

Wired with Love

Shadow Helix Earrings

Patsy4Worked on a couple pendant shapes last night and played with a new black wire that I recently picked up. I must say, wire wrapping has become something that I would never have imagined – something planned out and organized and I’m glad it has gotten here. As a creative being, it’s important to embrace this kind of art as it allows more creative freedom than you think! The earrings and necklace are now available on our Etsy shop!



This is how it started…


Added some black wire wrapping..


… and decided I wanted to play with more shapes…


Geeking Out! – Opportunity Knocks

Once a broach, turned into a cuff.

I am so happy to finally be able to share some news with all of you! All my music lovers – I had the opportunity to get in contact with Estelle’s publicist all because of good ol’ Instagram and tagging! Estelle has been liking my jewelry line for about a year now and finally, opportunity knocked and I was given the opportunity to meet up with her publicist. I immediately starting working my creative brain to see which pieces would be the best and which pictures she has liked on Instagram. I also made her a necklace that was just for her, I have been able to get a good idea of her style for a while and I am very thankful for that. When her publicist told me that she really liked the jewelry pieces I gave her, I was pretty pumped about it to say the least. It’s so funny how social media has become such a great marketing and networking tool with people that you would have thought was utterly impossible to meet by chance. When her publicist told me she was happy with all the jewelry I gave her and told me what was her favorite piece, I was pretty excited but had to be patient at the same time.

Below is the cuff bracelet that she adored:

So what’s next right?! You wait and wait, work and work – just like before. Have faith that since this door opened to you, that something will turn out well. Well that something happened today! Today is Estelle’s birthday (and funnily enough my my Mom’s birthday too!), she decided to choose my cuff for her choice of accessories – along with another artist, Eddie Borgo – who’s pretty amazing I might add – so that is an honor in itself.

Today, she posted that she wore this for her birthday!

Today, she posted that she wore this for her birthday!

I don’t have any pics of her wearing it yet, but I believe that will come in perfect timing! Thank you all for the love and support – I am ready and excited to see where this takes my business to. I truly love what I do! Also, shout out to @estelledarlings on Instagram for a very Happy Birthday!

Feel free to enjoy one of my favorite songs from Estelle, “American Boy”, featuring Kayne West.

Honest Great Advice

302074_10150326332559628_845309862_nAs an entrepreneur in the fashion world, it’s always important to keep your game up and read worthy articles to keep you fresh of ideas and inspiration. I was very pleased to stumble upon an amazing article on http://www.thecoveteur.com, about Jessica Abla’s new business, The Honest Company. I thought to myself, such an intriguing stamp – something that quite frankly – this generation does not get enough of, honest. So as I keep reading I see how her style is very similar to mine, eclectic and classic – and not going to lie – that was kind of awesome. Then I kept reading and came upon something quite profound, simple, yet profound…

My advice for entrepreneurs: Understand the marketplace for your business idea, surround yourself with experts in that field, and ask questions! By learning as much as you can, it will help you hone your business plan, ultimately find a team, and attract investors. And, when your dream is to create a business you love, don’t let anyone deter you, don’t be afraid to chart your own course, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s the only way we’ll change business, change the lives of consumers, and change the world for the better.

I always liked her, but quite honestly, I am never one to read into too much of what a celebrity says, but I do like to hear what the quietest ones have to say. They are the best to hone in and listen to closely without missing a beat and getting distracted by all the other noise that the loud media is making. This was a gem to me… one that I more or less knew, but to be confirmed in this way that I stumbled upon it was quite nice.

I hope this encouraged you to search your heart for what it truly wants and see’s that hard work isn’t always bad bad, boring or a waste of time. Make great use of your time by reading the whole article that blessed me so!

Winter Wonderland


I am very excited to see something like this come to play- a coat with bling on it?!?! Yes please!

I am all for accessories, as you know, but when it’s so cold and you’re all bundled up, it’s quite hard to let anything shine! Well this is my new project… I have no idea when I will be able to work in this, but get ready for something awesome to come from this seed. Inspire to be inspired!