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Keep Calm and Create

Keep Calm and Name It

Let’s face it, we live in a society where people LOVE to say what they want to say, without actually saying it, but showing it. Eclectique Collection has been working on a few different ways to really personalize our Wire Wrapped Name Plates. Whether you want it in silver, copper or gold, or spruce it up with some color – it can be created!  While I was thinking about all of this, and what I wanted to say, a friend of mine brought of the “Keep Calm” Phrases, and I have to say, I did’t want to do it right away. Then I thought to myself, well, I can make it say what I want it to say! The first thing that came in mind was what keeps me calm, and that is in fact, to create. That leads us to the final product:


PHOTO CREDIT: Gio Betancourt

I also decided to make a name plate for my company name, Eclectique Collection. I just love the challenge to see what my fingers can create out of wire.

Keep Calm and Create IMG_4938

What would you love your name plate to say? Just name it and I’ll make it!


The Best Collection

Running a small business is no easy task – it is especially hard when you are the only one doing, well… just about everything. I have been believing for a team for quite some time and have never given up on this dream that God has put on my heart and blessed my hands to do – but I have always known that this company will work best with a collection of great artists. I am happy to say that Eclectique Collection has been blessed with just that! Collective Eclectiques is a compilation of different artists and friends who all have a great love for art and people. We even had to the opportunity to work with a fierce fashion designer, Christine Manthey, who’s work is pristine, modern, clean and just beautiful!CollectiveEclectiques

Chantale Escobar – Jewelry Designer/Model; Gio Betancourt – Photographer; Danielle Escobar – Model; Angeline Jasmin – Makeup Artist; Sheena Lynelle Lanham: Style Assistant

We recently put together one of the best days of our lives – a Photo Shoot to kick start a momentum. Much photo editing still needs to be done, and much Etsy uploading needs to be done as well – but it is all coming together. I encourage you to keep moving – keep pushing – keep dreaming!

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Watch out for a slew of new items uploaded to my Etsy Shop – in the meantime enjoy most recent updates through Instagram. Follow @eclectiquecollection, @nativenyc @iellesmiles, @angelinejasmin, @purplefarenheit!


Be Mine <3 SALE

It’s that time again! Valentine’s Day is vastly approaching. I find that it is a time where people either love it or hate it.  I used to be on the end of not liking it too much – but now I say… EMBRACE IT! What do you have to lose? Whether it showing love to your boyfriend or girlfriend or just someone you love and adore. Pour love out on them extra this Valentine’s Day… but don’t forget to do it the rest of the year as well! Visit our Etsy Shop to receive 35% OFF of any order $50 or more. Use coupon code #bemine when checking out. EC_BeMine


Fit for a Queen

I would like to share something that may be unique to you and common to many other women. See… when it comes to jewelry on a daily basis, I must wear at least one ring on my finger or else, well, they will feel naked. I know… it’s weird  right! The truth is that I have been an accessory lover since I could remember. It probably comes from the fact that my mom would say the same thing for years, as well as earrings. If we got into the car to go somewhere and she realized that, nine times out of ten, she would get out and grab something to put on! Thankfully, it has greatly turned out for my advantage as I can’t help but making funky, one of a kind rings that make your hands feel like a Queen’s. From big and bold, to dainty midi-rings, Eclectique Collection will last in your jewelry box and change the way you think about accessories all together. How do you feel about rings – do you feel naked if you don’t wear at least one? RINGS RINGS RINGS


Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

It is said that diamonds are a girls best friend, but in fact so many of us can hardly afford it. I guess the concept goes behind the fact that it lasts forever and girls will do almost anything to get them – whether they are the one who actually purchase them or not. As a designer, I always like to go beyond the norm and create something that my customers can relate to and afford. Until I get my hands on some real diamonds, I will keep creating more wire framed diamonds that can become every girls best friend. il_fullxfull.556388847_qpfq il_fullxfull.556298206_jj87